CoinKeeper is an application that allows you to control all financial expenses and income. With CoinKeeper, you can create your own categories by income and expenses, as well as easily manage them from your mobile device. The interface resembles a game, for example, to add a new income, you take a coin and drag it to the desired category. The application is thought out to the smallest detail, so each user can create their own goals and accumulate the necessary amount. A strong password will help protect your savings. To download the free official version of CoinKeeper, our website offers several links suitable for such Android, iOS and Mac OS.

CoinKeeper is supported on Android, iOS and Mac OS devices.

Application's features

  • there are no restrictions on creating accounts and choosing currencies;
  • the interface has game mechanics;
  • you can enable a reminder of expenses for a certain period of time;
  • subcategories that allow you to view the details;
  • there is a backlight that lights up automatically if the spending limit has been exceeded;
  • the main screen is configured by the user himself;
  • account synchronization and backup;
  • providing a complete report and statistics on budget management.

Download CoinKeeper

To start using the app right now, our website suggests taking a few steps and getting closer to forming a budget:

  1. download the apk-file;
  2. in the settings, check the box where we give our consent to install the application;
  3. install the apk, you can use the file manager;
  4. click on the icon and the application is launched.

Everything is ready, now CoinKeeper is at your disposal, and your expenses are at his.


CoinKeeper can be attributed to a smart application, because some features are already automated and help the user. The application is quite simple, it resembles a child's game with hints for the user. The developer has done everything to ensure that its users are satisfied not only with the interface, but also with the application itself as a whole.